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Tools Related to Canada

Sin Validator

Use this tool to validate if a 9 digit number is a Canadian SIN number or just a collection of digits. You can use this if you are uncertain about your own SIN whether this or that.

Missing SIN Digit Finder

Find your missing digit if you are confused of the digits. If you are confused of one digit only and rest 8 are good, its confirmed. if you are confused of of 2 ditits, you will get 10 possible SIN numbers. Missing 3 digits will get you 100 possible outcomes. Period.

Postal Code

Generate Canadian Postal Codes

Tax Compare

Compare your income tax against the other provinces.

Wage Compare

Compare the possible wages that you have earned if you were in different province.

Finance Tools

Amortization Schedule

Use this tool to find your periodic amortization schedule in normal case. This may differ from your actual bank schedule as bank adds up their costs.

Rate Factor Finder

Tools that are under development right now

Other stuffs that i love working with now

Upcoming Tools

Employee Scheduling

This is conceptual tool that i have not yet started to build. I aim to develop this tool so that employees will see their schedules online. This will tell if there is any violation in their CBA, or employemnt acts interms of scheduling.

Ecommerce for Small Scale

While I was working with Ecommerce Platform, it was hard to believe me that people still use EXCEL sheet for more than 250 sheets of database. I wish to develop an platform that is userfriendly and acceptable to use with win-win feeling.

Employee Attendance Tracker

Track Attendance : Hours of Employees

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