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The design of this oage has been borrowed from from the web site : Download Website Templates dot co dot uk. This particular theme named "Anti-Matter" has been borrwed from the link : Here I modified the theme as per my requirement.

Tools Used :

This page uses the following tools either through the template or by my own choice :
Template :

  1. Jquery
  2. Waypoints.js
  3. Wow.js

Responsive/Flexible Mobile

I try to manate that all the pages be mobile friendly. Some of the pages have explicit use of table and those pages may not be mobile-friendly. Examples of those pages are - Amortization Schedule, Nepalese News Papers section etc.

Content Uage Policy

How to use contents in this page.

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This is a personal website. To cover up the expenses, I might be using adds from the commercial sites like - Google Ads, and other content sharing sites. I am not responsible for any contents displayed in the advertisement. It is not necessary that the ad express my interest.

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