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Confused with Grocery Offers ?

Note: This article deals with basic conversion of units measurement for weight. This is not a scientific article and does not get into details.

Retail business always confuses customer with the price ( can it be misleading price ?). Mostly, the more you buy, the cheaper you get. ummm... Not always, specially when it is on OFFER. They offer the price in different ways (other than regular pricing).

  • Straigiht Price : $2.99
  • Reduced Price :
    1. Limit Price : $2.74, Limit 1, overlimit pays : $2.99
    2. Group Buy : Buy Group of 2 for $2.25(EA) OR $2.99 Each

Things are more complicated when they are of different brands and one weighs in Pounds. Lets compare some of the prices of SIMILAR PRODUCTS in suprestore (online, accessed on 2016-APR-28 04:18, Edmonton).

Which one you would be in Trade-off ? looks like one and the reality is somehting different ?

Even in same store,they different standards - Metric and Imperial. To make your comparison even worse, they even change the units in same standard. That is the reason you get price for $/lb, $/kg, $/gram.

To compare prices, we have to convert them to a same unit.

1 Kg = 1000 Gram
1 Kg = 2.20462 Pound
1 Kg = 35.274 Ounce

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