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to my digital evergrowing learning platform. By saying this, I am not committing myself to be a dedicated teacher, but I am sharing my experience while learning something. Someone told - If you have a clear problem, that is the solution. I try to keep this site not about me, but about us - how we could interact eachother.

About Me

This section is to let you know what you could expect from this site rathe than to inform you who I am.

I am an HR - Professional with background in Finance. I have deep interest in Computer stuffs specially converting small scaled business to a automated/online system. I have a passion to explore, advent and fun.

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Nepalese are spread over Canada. They have their organizations everywhere. I am trying to present a collective links to their sites.


Offer Compare

Compare the different offer mechanism in Retail Industry

HR - Laws (Canada)

Know about Human Resources Management -

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Learn tips and tricks that makes your life easier

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This is the depositary of my favourite links, news, freewares, commercial apps, and losts of others

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